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In questo articolo si parla di: Ads Currency in Naples Everything you need to know about currency in Naples and related services, including banks and currency exchange offices. Where and how to exchange currency in Naples Once you get to Naples you'll need Italian money.

Due to the fluctuations in exchange rates. Euro exchange rates and currency conversion.

For a visitor, it is very important to make a correct currency exchange. If you are wondering where and how to get the Italian currency, you can do it at one of the city's currency exchange offices, which will exchange your money for a small commission. You can also find currency exchange offices at the airport or train stations, but those usually take a higher commission.

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If you don't like to go around carrying too much money with you you you can also use a credit or debit card, but, depending on your bank, you could pay the exchange rate for every payment you make, so we recommend you take a prepaid travel card.

However, we advise you to always have money with you when you travel around Naples, because sometimes you will not be able to pay with the card, especially for small amounts of money.

Prossime tappe Milano e Napoli a novembre e dicembre. La sua attività di ricerca e sviluppo nelle tecniche di sfruttamente del web 2.

Euro banknotes: colours and values of the Italian currency Euro banknotes are of different sizes and colour depending on their value.

If you visit Naples, you must learn to quickly recognize the value of the banknotes by color to be sure of how much you are spending. Here aftab currency rates a list of the colours and their respective values: Purple: euro banknote the highest value Euro banknote ; Yellow: euro banknote; Green: euro banknote; Orange: 50 euro banknote; Blue: aftab currency rates aftab currency rates banknote; Red: 10 euro banknote; Grey: 5 euro banknote; Euro in coins There are also coins: the 2 euro coin and the 1 euro coin are made of two different metals, 50, 20 and 10 euro cents coins are made of gold metal, and the 5, aftab currency rates and 1 euro cents coins are made of copper.

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